About Counselling

Counselling offers professional support in a quiet, private, safe and non-judgemental environment. It allows you to explore sensitive issues and clarify what you find difficult and challenging, bringing into your consciousness what may be unseen or unknown about your life. Counselling allows you to find a new understanding of your thoughts, feelings and actions, helping you to become more informed and then able to make new choices and changes.

Being in a relationship can at times produce conflicting and confusing patterns of behaviour which are hard to understand. Counselling can help you understand and change these patterns and see how they unconsciously play out throughout your life, affecting your relationships and, in fact, all areas of your life.

Some of the issues I can help and support you with –

– Relationship issues
– Divorce and Separation

– Times of conflict and change

– Childhood experiences


-Family relationships

– Parenting and step parenting
– Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
– Grief, Bereavement and loss
– Understanding and surviving affaires and betrayals
– Anxiety, Depression, Stress

At a time of crisis counselling can support you and help you to become more informed of your own experiences and relationships.  Expressing and exploring your feelings in counselling can help to bring insight and understanding of your problems and help you to make changes that will bring healing and happiness.  We often come to crossroads or transitions in our lives, where we find the need to explore what’s in our hearts and what speaks to us individually. What do you need to change to help you find new growth within ourself and new beginnings ?

If you cannot find a way to tell the story of your life, your story will tell you through your dreams and physical symptoms. Or you may find yourself acting in ways you don’t understand.  I work with my clients at their pace, listening sensitively to what needs to be heard and understood , what need to healed and made well.

I feel passionately about helping my clients to flourish and grow enabling them to feel better about themselves.