At this time when we are all under restrictions of safety due to the Covid 19 virus , i will still be  available to support new and existing clients via video link and telephone .

Its really a very unusual time and so unknown, which can bring fears and anxieties . Learning to work in new ways , taking care of yourself and family , your mental and physical health is so vital now . So please do contact me if you need support and take special care .

Hello and welcome to my website; my name is Phillipa Bruce.  I am a qualified Counsellor and am BACP registered.  I provide short and long term therapy / Counselling to individuals in the Bath and Bradford on Avon area.  I offer a confidential, caring, respectful non judgemental space where you can be exactly how you need to be – a safe  equal space between client and therapist where we can explore together the things that are troubling  you and what you’d like to change about your life.  A comfortable space where you can be supported in a journey of understanding and time of healing. I am also available via video link and telephone for those unable to meet in person.

Sometimes things happen in life that cause us to feel powerless , loss, bad about ourself, sad, confused or alone.   Being in conflict or pain can be the breaking of the shell of our understanding , the place that we thought we knew. But at the same time this discomfort can give us the opportunity to take a new look at whats happening and why we are at that place within ourself , maybe a crossroads , a chance to change , a new view , a different experience.  We may be clear about why we feel these feelings or we may have no idea.  At times like this, having counselling , someone to talk to and hear you, support  you to understand ,express and experience your feelings , can be incredibly helpful toward a greater understanding of  yourself and whats going on in your life and your relationships . My goal is to help you manage and understand what feels difficult and to feel well and happy within your life, to feel good about yourself , your relationships and your choices.

In my work I draw on my training and  what you bring of your own experiences in life , together finding and mapping a way forward that suits you.  I work in an informed,  intuitive and trusting way. Together we can find your fertile ground, within which you can feel nurtured, grow and flourish.

I look forward to hearing from you.